Petrol And Diesel Rates Will Be Expensive From Today, Know The Reasons Here


Petrol and Diesel prices are revised every fortnight. With raising dependencies on other commercial aspects, Now, post this day, one has to get ready to shell out more money for the fuel as the oil marketing companies have decided to increase the dealer commission they pay fuel pump subsidiaries.

A Recent report claims that the ‘All India Petroleum Dealers Association’Ajay Bansal said that the new commission rates will be effective from August 1.

Now, the dealer commission forms part of the price of the fuel that consumers pay, the commission was Rs 2.55 per liter for petrol and Rs 1.65 per liter for diesel, till now.

Since a week or two, the association has been asking for a Rs 1 per liter hike for petrol and Rs 0.72 liter for diesel.

Bansal, on the same, said, “The national average sale per outlet is 170 kilolitres of fuel every month. Assuming this sale, a dealer makes only 14 paise per liter which converts to around Rs 25,000 of profit per month.”

Post the successful implementation of its daily revision of Retail Selling Prices of petrol and diesel, Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies too, decided to start daily revision in RSP of petrol and diesel in the entire country with effect from June 16 of this year.